Friday, July 20, 2012

School Uniforms

   Today was the final day of a week of uniform fitting for all of the public schools of Bogota. It was a full week for the High School uniforms , but only on day for each for Steen , and Bixby.
   There will be another chance for the High School uniforms  Mon. & Tues 20 &21- August for ordering and fittings
    There will also be another day for the grade schools Wed, 1-August from 5-8p at Bixby , uniforms for Steen may also be order at this time. Pick-up of uniforms at Bixby  will be Tues. 28 August from 5-8p. While Steen will be Weds. 29 August also from 5-8p
 For more information about the the High School uniforms please go to or for Steen & Bixby please go
 Most parents were happy with the fact that all students are required to have a uniform code for the up-coming school year, but some did not approve of the quality of the shirts, or the mandate that only Dickies brand pants had to be purchased for the High School. The restrictions that would not permit " Skinny Jeans" and only allowing non-cargo pants was agreeable. However ,to be forced to buy from one company was not .

Parents & Students from both Bixby and Steen  looking over the type of clothes available .

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  1. While I have supported the switch to uniforms, the sudden change to one manufacturer is totally without foresight and reason. One only has to go the Dickies website and see that skinny jeans and cargo pants are listed as "best sellers". No one company will assure the adherence to the dress code. That is the parents and the school management's responsibility. To have to rebuy clothes is an unnecessary financial burden being placed on the families with little or no guarantee of any positive outcome. Who made this decision and why was it rolled out halfway into the summer?

    Suzanne Schroer


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