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Bogota Youth Academy

 4- March-2014

      Last week the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy  held their first staff meeting  to start preparing for the Academy class #3 which will be held in July of 2013.  The meeting was a chance for the director Sgt. Craig Lynch, and program coordinator Anna Ferris to get their staff up to date on what will excepted of them for the upcoming class.  There was also a  segment where staff and directors offered up suggestions  on how to keep the Academy moving forward in their effort to keep the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy one  of the premier  programs in the State of New Jersey.
  Some of the changes for this years class is that the fee for the Academy will be raised to $50 per Cadet. The fee is due when the  student’s application is dropped off for consideration.  While Sgt Lynch hesitated at the raise he mentioned that it is much less then similar programs in the County, and the fee is refundable if the student is not accepted into the program. The next is the number of Cadets accepted  will be reduced to 48 Cadets this will allow for four squads of 12 Cadets which they feel is a more manageable  for the experience, and training of the Cadets.  Another change may be that only four Cadet from class #2 will be allowed to enter class #3. And another thought was no former Academy graduates will be allowed to apply  for this year class, but some could be invited back to Orientation  Day to help the new Cadet  to adjust to Academy training. The  length  of the duty day will be reduced to  8 1/2 hours running from 7:30a to 4:00p .
   Also at this meeting Ms. Ferris talked about what the Academy would like to have in order to help them operate for the two weeks while the  Academy is on duty. She expressed the need for basic supplies, & material. Her idea is to have donated gift cards from department , and grocery stores  to help meet the needs of the Academy.  There is  basic need for water jugs that will fit a standard water cooler. Energy  drink powder mixes, snack, and energy bars. Medical and first aid supplies are also a major need for  the Academy which runs it program in the Summer. A “ luxury” item mention was window air conditioners  to be used for the class rooms in Bogota High School.
     One of Sgt. Lynch’s needs is to find qualified female instructors  for the Academy. The Academy goal is to have a 50% mix of female and male Cadets in each class so there is a great need to have a better mix of instructors for each class. This would serve a number of purpose, one is to have strong women role models for the Cadet to look up to. Also to allow families of the female Cadet feel more comfortable that their daughters will be around other women.  All applicants for the staff position will need to have a Military, or Law enforcement  background. Any individuals looking to apply should be highly motivated to help other succeed, along with being able to work with, and help teach, children of Middle School years.  Both directors  also expressed a need for a number of Production Interns to help with the operational running of the Academy.  At this time it would be a non- paying position open to High School  or College Students looking for  additional  community service credit. Some of these duties would included, but not limited to, general office, & clerical work.  Organizing, purchasing, and distribution of supplies to Cadets, and staff, along with helping preparing for, and cleaning up after, a typical Academy day. All applicants for the Intern position should also be highly motivated to perform their  duties within Academy guidelines, as well as to be able to solve any problems that may arise in a typical Academy day.   Any person interested in either of the positions, or wanting to have more information on how to help support the Academy through contributions or donations  please contact Anna Ferris at
    A preliminary time frame was announced : In April members of the Academy staff will go to all four Bogota schools to talked to the students about the Academy. The Academy is open to all Bogota Students in Steen, Bixby, St. Joseph’s , and the High School who be in  5,6,7   grades in the school year starting in 2013.  The Academy is also open to any Borough  residents who meets the grade eligible criteria.  The day to drop off the applications  will be in May, with notification of acceptance  coming in June, and the tour of duty will begin on Friday 12- July as an orientation  day continuing on 15- 20 July and 22- 23 July with the graduation ceremonies held at Steen School on the evening of 23- July

 Directors Sgt. Craig Lynch & Anna Ferris 

 The Directors addressing some of the Staff  during the Meeting

Water rescue training in Class #2

 The Cadets of Class #2 at their Graduation Ceremonies.


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