Monday, March 25, 2013

Lego League

25- March -2013
   On Saturday the newest  Bogota Library club met for the first time with the premier of the Lego League. This is a group for every one who enjoys  playing, building, and collecting Lego. Run by Damarias Melendez, this is a chance for children, along with their parents to spend some time together and have fun.  It was a small group that saw children, as well as the parents showing off their  skills with Lego. Some pre-made sets where on display to show the different variety  of ways Lego can be put together. There was a working basketball game, in it's own arena, with players that can shoot baskets, rolling fire trucks, and some " Harry Potter" models.  There was also loose piles of Lego blocks  that could be played with  how every one's imagination saw fit. Some children brought in sets that they had already started on, and added to while there. And it was also a chance to show off some of their finished project and share with others.
  The next meeting will be on Saturday 27- April starting at 10:30 a in the Seniors Center located on the second floor. All participates are encouraged to bring their own Lego, and they may donate any Lego blocks they wish. All donated Lego will stay with the Lego League and be available to all at the next scheduled meeting. This has no affiliation with the Lego company, or any of their stores.
 For  more information please call the  Bogota Library at 201-488-7158  

 Lego waiting to be played with

 Lego Basketball 

 Ninja Castle

 Robbie (L) and his Father building together.

Damarias helping Robbie find a piece

Christopher finishing his castle 

Damarias talking to Christopher about his project.

 Luke  checking out the blocks available.

Spencer scoring with the basketball game.


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