Friday, March 15, 2013

Seniors vs. Facility Basketball

15- March-2013
   On Wednesday 13- March the senior athletes of Bogota High School play  members of the facility in a game of basketball. A lighthearted affair with moments of  intense competition as the adults on the floor  showed their younger counterparts the other side of  their lives. Vice Principal Kennedy made a number of baskets from the outside, some of which were worth three points. Ms. Johnson  held her own on defense by not backing down against some of the much taller boys. While Mr. Chaing successfully drove the lane helping the teacher to a lead going in to the final quarter. Then a rested trio of senior basketballers  can in to slowly take the lead away for themselves. Liam Geraghty came off the sidelines, after doing his best Coach Mahoney impersonation, to make some more three point shots. As Ruben Acosta showed off his speed and ball handling.
  In the end the the students ended up outscoring the facility, but more importantly it was more of an evening fun and games with fellow members of the High School.

Seniors reacting to the play of their teachers.


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