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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dave Musikant Memorial Fund Comedy Night.

 3- March - 2013
   On Saturday night the was an evening of comedy by the "Advanced Warning" Comedy Tour. This was in support of the Dave  Musikant Memorial Fund, in an effort to raise money for a new score board to be used at Feigel Field.  It was hosted by Dave's sister Amy Musikant Becerra to keep her brother's spirit of living for the day alive. There were many photo collages  of Mr. Musikant display on the wall for friends and family to gather around, and trade Dave stories over. The photos started with his years at Steen School, moving into High School which showed him involved with both Football, and Wrestling, and all the other teenage activities.  The photos then moved on to his college years and beyond. More photos of being with friends, and sharing time with his family come also be seen.
  Before starting the comedy part of the evening Mater of Ceremonies Anthony Crescenzo took time to remember Dave, and to give thanks to Ms. Becerra for all her hard work , not only for this evening, but also the work she and the Dave Musikant Memorial Fund  has done in years past.
 For more information on how to contribute please email  Ms. Becerra at amybecerra60@gmail.com
Or to find out about the Dave Musikant Positive for Life Foundation go to www.positiveforlife.org

 Dave Musikant greeting guest as they arrive

 Photos of Dave with Family and Freinds

 Dave's sister Amy Musikant Becerra  receiving
recognition for all the work she has done.

 Master of Ceremonies Anthony Cresceno 

Karlyn Briggs

 " Mad Dawg" Mike Jenkins

Headliner Johnny Hollywood

1 comment:

  1. Just saw this now, thanks for covering this worth while event. The more people know about this great guy the more people his family can help.

    It was a really fun night out. A nice big dinner which included cake, tons of beer and soda, and the performers were so funny. Plus, there were reminders all over to remind us what a great cause we were all supporting.