Thursday, April 14, 2022

Board of Education


 On Tuesday-12-April the Bogota Board of Education held their first meeting for the April. During his report Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy first asked for a moment of Silence for two gentlemen close to the Bogota School District. Mr. Esper Helou and Mr. Luis Ramirez who passed away earlier in the month.  Then Superintendent Kennedy made some announcements. One was to confirm that the Graduations from three of the district school have been finalized.  These are Bixby fifth grade class will have their ceremony on Wednesday 15-June, Steen will have theirs on Thursday 16-June, and the Bogota High School class of 2022 will hold their commencement exercises on Friday-17-June. This scheduled to be held on Fiegel Field weather permitting. There is no plan for a moving up ceremony for the Middle School. All ceremonies will start at 6:00p. 
 Next, he talked about the Bogota Police Dept. holding a series of presentation at all grade levels from Sixth Grade to Seniors Students. There were similar to the town hall meeting from March. He announced that the district is planning to hold a " Family Unersity for Parent" possibly on Wednesday 4-May. This is to aid the Parents to learn about the online system of the district so they can follow their Students progress though out the year.   Next Superintendent Kennedy gave some information about future meeting. One is that the meeting on Tuesday- 26-April will have the budget presentation for the up-coming year. There will be a discussion of the district's three year plan for expansion of the building that make up the public Schools. This is planned for mid-May. It was also said that the High School building will have work do on the floors and the environmental system with in the buildings.  Superintendent Kennedy did say that the Bogota Emergency Service Youth Academy will be postponed for another year due to their scheduling. 
 Most items on the consent agenda were moved to the next meeting. Four items were voted on and passed by a unanimous vote. They were:
- to accept the resignation of Ms. Kristen Severino 
- to approve the hiring of Mr. Danay Gonzalez as a Social Studies Leave Replacement Teacher, Ms. Michelle Alvarez-Agosto as a School Nurse at the High School  and Mr.  Andre Cano as Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
 The next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-26-April and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. It will be a hybrid meeting with in-person attendance and available online. The in person meeting will be held in the High Cafeteria located at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ All in person attendee will be required to wear mask at all time while in the building. The meeting is open to the Public.  Log-in information to attend on line is:
    For more information and to view previous meetings please go their web-site at:

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