Friday, April 22, 2022

Bogota Borough Council


On Thursday-21- April the Bogota Borough Council held their first in person meeting, in the Council Chambers since February-2019.  While the Mayor and a number of Council members were unable attend, a Quorum was achieved. 
  After the Public Comment session the Council moved into closed session to discuss the hiring of a new Recreation Director. When the Public session was call back into order the Council voted, unanimously, to offer Mr. Joseph Ricca  employment  for the position of Recreation Director for the Borough of Bogota.
 When they move to the consent agenda all resolutions were passed by unanimous vote.  Items of note were:
-To approve the increase of Cat and Dog licence fee to $12.00 per year for all pets which have been spayed or neutered.  The fee is$15.00 for those pets that have not been spayed or neutered. This is an annual fee.
- Another item approved was the Introduction of the 2022 Budget for the Borough. The budget will be presented to the Public at the Council meeting on Thursday-19 May. At that time  Public Comment, on the Budget, will be entertain. 
The Council also approved to accept Mr. Marco Navarro as a new member of the Bogota Recuse Squad.
These, and all other items were passed by unanimous vote.
 During the Council reports several announcements were made. One was the  Recreation Director will be holding their Summer Camp this year. This will be from Tuesday-5-July to Friday-26- August. It is open to all Children aged 5 to 13 years old who are residents of the Bogota. Registration starts on Monday-2-May.  To register, or for more information please go to:  
  Another announcement was that the Shred Day event has been moved forward to Saturday-21-May starting at 8:00a. It will take place at the  Recreation Centre.
  The next Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday-5-May starting at 7:30p. If permitted the meeting will be held in the Bogota Borough Hall, or in the second floor of the Public Library, located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota, NJ. If a sharp rise in positive covid cases arise the meeting may be held on line. 
For more information or to view the past meeting please visit their website at:

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