Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Cuban 'round the Corner

   On Friday 1-April a new restaurant opened in Bogota called The Cuban ‘round the Corner.  It is located at 64 W W.Main St. Owner and Head Chef  Mr. Manny Fernandez moved to Bogota after running  restaurants in Cuba for 30 years. His culinary background  has created a menu that features many Cuban style items as well as favorite comfort food.  Along with Ms. Audrey Pacheco, and members of the Fernandez Family, they took over the former GoFish restaurant.  They have redesigned the look by opening the space to show off the cooking and preparation area. A steam table, facing the customers, displays the daily specials. To one side is a case has a selection of pasties and coffee stations. The décor is clean and basic. A white brick wall with artistic and personal items. The lower facades are a solid blue with brown hard wood floor. 
   Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen was on hand to welcome the new restaurateurs to the Borough. He complemented them on starting a new enterprise as a family businesses. Mayor Kelemen told them of his own businesses and how there is a pride in sharing this journey together. He then  read a proclamation welcoming them to Bogota. This was followed by the Mayor cutting a blue ribbon across the front door. 
     The Cuban ‘round the Corner is open from Monday to Saturday starting at 7:00a with breakfast. This consistence of selection of omelets, pancakes, and waffles. They also offer a number special and combination. For the Afternoon fare  offers a variety from appetizers and sandwiches. Hamburgers and Empanadas along with Tacos and Salads to chose from. For main courses, each day there is a choice of four choices. These range from Fajitas, Pork Chops, Ribs, and a Cuban Style Fried Rice. One feature that have is titled their “ Don’t Feel Like Cooking Today”  this includes a whole roasted chicken with white rice, beans, salad and soda, along with an A La Carte menu, including catering services. 
   The signature dishes of  Chef Fernandez are Pulpo a La Gallega which is a Spanish style Octopus, Tamal en Cacuela, Ox Tail and Cuban Sandwiches.  They specialize in fresh homemade Croquettes and Tamales. 
  Over three quarters of their menu are priced under $10.00. There is limited seating and is gear for take-out and delivery.  
  The Cuban ‘round the Corner located at 64 W W.Main St St. They are opened Monday to Saturday from 7:00a to 7:00p. Order can be placed by calling 201-347-9276 and on Door Dash.  They can also be reached at their email at:

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