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 On Thursday-21-March, the Bogota Borough Council held their regular meeting for the Month. After Citizens Remarks, the Swearing-in Ceremony for the promotion of two Bogota Police Officers took place. The first was Officer Hector Liriano who is promoted to the rank of Captain. Officer Liriano is the first Hispanic Captain for the Bogota Police Department. Before he took the oath of office Bogota Mayor Ms. Daniele Fede recited the list of experiences on the way to be promoted as Captain. He has served 17 years as a Police Officer in Bogota and recently was a Sargent in the Detective Bureau. Officer Liriano also serves on the Bergen County Rapid Deployment team, is the Municipal Counter Terrorism Coordinator and is the Internal Affairs officer. He also has served as an Auxiliary Police Officer in Bogota. Before the swearing-in, Mayor Fede presented him an award for his accomplishments. Captain Liriano then was given the oath by Mayor Fede, with his Family around him.
 Then Officer Geoffery Cole stepped up to be given the oath in obtaining the rank of Lieutenant for the Bogota Police. Officer Cole is in charge of Media and Public relation for the Department. He also is the supervisor of the Traffic Bureau, and Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator. Officer Cole has served as a Volunteer Firefighter, Ambulance Corp member and is a CPR Instructor. Mayor Fede presented him with a crystal star. Lieutenant Cole was also sworn in by Mayor Fede with his Family by his side.
  After a brief recess, the Council meeting was called back to order. All the agenda items were passed. One was to update the Tree Removal or Replacement Ordinance Introduction. This will be open for Public Comment at a future meeting. Four new, or revised Ordinance also passed. Of note was one that approved a Bond Ordinance in order to fund the acquisition of new equipment and machinery.
  Items on the Consent Agenda included the contract for the new Recreation Department Director Mr. 
Philip Conte. Mr. Conte will begin on Monday-1-April. Also passed was to increase the stipend for the Governing Body.
  The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday-4-April at 7:30p. It will be held in the Council Chambers on the second floor of Borough Hall located at 375 Larch Ave. Bogota. This will be an in-person meeting only and is open to the Public. 

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 (To help support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports
      please contribute at: donate to Bogota Blog NJ) 

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