Saturday, June 16, 2012

Board of Education

  At the latest Bogota Board of Education meeting there were a few special items presented to the board. First was Sabina Albirt who proposed that the senior trip for the 2012-2013 be to Italy. Ms. Albirt mentioned how informative this year's trip to London was. She also talked how pleased she was with the behavior , and decorum for the students who went with her.
   Next was Hal Bomzer from Sharp Printing Plus. Mr. Bomzer ask the Board if his company could be considered to supply uniforms for the students at Steen, and Bixby for the next school year. No action was taken on this proposals at this time.
   The last presentation was a small concert by the Bogota Vocaleers. Members of the board were treated to  their rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner", and " Bogota will bring us together" The Board thanked Ms. Swietlicki, and her choir for their performance.       

Sabina Albirt presenting a proposed senior trip for next year.

Examples of shirts for the Elementary  schools in 2012-2013 

Mock-ups of logos for next year uniforms.

The Bogota Vocaleers singing in front of the Board.

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