Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bogota Vocaleers

  The Bogota Vocaleers will have a performance at the next Bogota Board of Education meeting. This will be on Tuesday 12-June starting at 7:30p. It will take place in the Cafeteria on the 2nd floor of Bogota High School.  The performance is scheduled to be only about ten minutes before the regular board meeting.
The Bogota Vocaleers preforming at the VFW

 The Bogota Library will start recording for the Bogota Legacy Project beginning on Mon. 18-June this will run through the end of the Month Sat. 30- June. This is being run by the Friends of Bogota Library as is intended to be a visual, as well as, oral record of the experiences of living in town. All members who live in the Borough are encouraged to participate so their thoughts of what it is like to be a Bogotian  at this time. The Legacy Project would like to hear about the Borough's history, the daily activities, the events, changes, and memorial from the people themselves. This will be an ongoing project with more volumes added each year. The will be DVD's made of these recording that will be kept in the Library, and be made available for loan at a future date.
For more information about this please contact Nikki Spiegel, call the Library at 201-488-7185.


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