Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bogota Youth Academy

13- June-2012
  Last Saturday was the second, and final,  Parent Orientation meeting for the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy. This was to explain to the parents of the children who were accepted what they're  children will encounter.  The meeting was opened by Director Sgt. Craig Lynch of the Bogota Police Dept. he congratulated the parent that their children had made it into the Academy, also saying that the Academy had to turn down a number of children so it is not a given that any one child would be placed in the Academy. The  point being made that is the Parent or, their Children, need to be 100% committed to the Academy.  Sgt. Lynch then introduce some of the members of his staff who will be the Instructors for the programs, and a quick summary of some of the training that will be taking place. Program Coordinator Anna Ferris also address the Parents about how she, and the staff, will look out for the personal safety of each Cadet.
  Sgt. Lynch explained that the Academy will use " Military Style Training" as it's model. He also let the Parents know that all staff and instructors will use ONLY positive reinforcement to help the Cadets meet, and expand, their expectations. He let the Parents know this will should be  some of the hardest things the Cadet will have done in their lives so far. He went on to say how as Parents they need to work as hard at home with the Cadet in order to help them with the Academy. This entailed basics like cleaning the Cadet's uniform ever night, so it can be fresh and neat for the next day training, to providing a good, and healthy lunch, to go over the the Academy Code of Conduct with the Cadet before the first day of training. 
  The most important message to the Parents from Sgt. Lynch, and Ms. Ferris that the top priority of the Academy is the safety of their children, and to get the most from the Cadet.        

Program Director Sgt. Craig Lynch speaking to the Parents about  the importance of being on-time to the Academy 

Program Coordinator Anna Ferris  going over some of the classes the Cadets will have.

Sgt. Lynch introducing some of the Academy staff.

Sgt. Lynch answering some of the parents questions.

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