Sunday, June 24, 2012

Steen Promotion

   On Thursday Steen School had it's promotion ceremony for it's sixth grade students. This signifies the end of their Elementary school years, as they move onto Middle school. A number of awards were given out to the students for their Academic achievements, as well as for school spirit, and service.  The Principal's Award went to Alexi Siri  for her work throughout the school year in helping others.  Lauren Pena was chosen to speak for her class in relay all the memories of growing up at Steen, and how they will carry them to the next part of their academic career. The students had an opportunity to thank their parents by coming off stage and presenting them with a white rose.
  A special moment was when  Mrs. Roensch was honoured  for 35 years of service to the Children of Bogota. She will retire as this school year has come to an end, we join in thanking her for all her hard work & dedication to the students she has taught over the years.
( Note: Bogota Blog NJ was not able to cover the ceremonies at Bixby or St. Joseph's if anyone has photos they would like to share please e-mail to:  Please include a brief description of what the photo is about, with names of the central person  if possible.)

 The Steen class of 2012

Sgt. Lynch handing out awards to the safety patrol 

 Principal Falco handing out  some of the awards earned by the students

Lauren Pena giving the class speech 

Gianmarco Fernandez & Alexi Siri  presenting a special tribute  Mrs. Roensch for  her 35 years of service to the school.

 Students walking towards their next level of their Academic career.

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