Monday, June 4, 2012

Primary Election Day

5-June- 2012
     Today 5-June-2012 is primary election day in New Jersey even though , in both major parties the Presidential winner has been decided there are decisions to be made in State & Local contests.
- Incumbent Robert Menendez is running unopposed for U.S. Senate.
-In the Democratic Primary, because of redistricting, there are three candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. They are Jason Castle, Adam Gussen, and Diane Sare.
- For the Board of Freeholders Denise Zaft & Stephon Bouldin  are a team . And Steven Tannelli  & Tracy Silna Zur are the other candidates.
- For the party County Committee the two teams that are running are: Robert Ferro & Michelle Rubar. The other team is Santiago DeLa Cruz & Weldy Matias.
   Bogota Blog NJ has learned that Charles Severino will run as a write in candidate for on of the two positions of Bogota Council the two candidate that are on the ballot are incumbent Jorge Nunez & Robert Robbins.        
(note: the candidates are listed here in the order they appear on the Ballot.)
  - For the Republican Primary there are four candidates looking for the parties place to run for U.S. Senate they are: Bader Qarmount , Joe Kyrillos , Joe Rullo, & David Brown.
- For the  U.S. House of Representatives incumbent Scott Garrett is being opposed by Michael Cino, & Bonnie Somer.
- For the Board of Freeholders There are three candidates Robert Hermansen ,& Margaret Watkins, & Frank Khoury.
- For the Bogota Borough Council Anne Mitchell & Tina Trotta are running .
-And for Republican County Committee it is Donald Hunter, and Daniele Fede.
(note: the candidates are listed here in the order they appear on the Ballot.)
Voters are asked to choose the best candidate for the office they are running for.

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