Thursday, May 29, 2014


   On Memorial Day  morning the Volunteer Depts. of Bogota's Emergency Services came out  to be inspected by the Administration  of the Borough. All four Volunteer Fire Companies and the units of the First Aid Squad  lined-up in front of Borough Hall to greet the officials, and to explain a bit about their equipment. Mayor Tito Jackson along with Council Members Lisa Kohles, Chris Keleman & Rob Robbins were escorted on a tour of the Departments. They  first had a chance to look over the rebuilt Hook & Ladder #1 that was return this year. They were told about the improvement to the rig which allows  the Firefighters to do their job better, and keep the Volunteers safer as well. 
  Before the inspection could proceed the Fire Dept had to respond  to a call. They quickly donned their turn out suits, over their dress uniforms,  and made their way to the incident. It was a Homeowner who reported a gas smell. The Volunteers secured the situation , and helped vent the house of the fumes. Then returned to finish with the Inspection.
  The  Volunteer First Aid Squad also showed the Administration some of their equipment which allows them to perform their duties.  Councilman Keleman took the time to gauge the weight of one of the stretchers that could be deployed.  Noting that even empty the work & strength needed to use it.
  After the Inspection Reverent Tim Graff from St. Joseph's Church lead a remembrance ceremony at the Service Monuments to the Women & Men who had lost their lives while on call. Then the Volunteers & the Administration moved to the W.Broad St. Fire House for a rededication of the plaque that list the names the Association of Exempt Firemen of Bogota, NJ. The plaque which once was in Borough Hall had been removed and placed in storage. It was refurbished and updated and now is on display to be seen and it's members remembered.
  The personnel of the Bogota Fire Department,  Rescue Squad 46, The First-Aid Squad, and the Auxiliary Police Dept. are all Volunteers. They take their time away from their Jobs and their Families to help keep the Borough of Bogota safe.     Any one wishing to become a volunteer for one , or more of the Bogota Emergency Services should either call the Borough at  201-342-1736 ext 2007 or go to the Boroughs website at:   

 Fire Trucks and...
..some of the Equipment (from Hose Co.#2)..

.. The Volunteers (here of Engine Co. #3) waiting to be inspected.

 Scott Woegens  Of Hook & Ladder #1 explaining some of
the Equipment to the Administration 

Mayor & Council Members meeting the Volunteers of Engine Co. #1

Leann Cordero showing some of the First -Aid Squad Equipment.

 Councilman Keleman feeling the weight of a Stretcher.

Firefighter called away from the Inspection. 

 Rev. Tim Graff leading the Remembrance.

The Rededication  of the plaque to Bogota Firefighters.

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