Friday, May 2, 2014

Loyalty Day 2014

   On Thursday 1 May the Ralph Hall Post #5561 of the Bogota VFW held it's Loyalty Day celebration. The VFW awarded four winners of their Patriot's Pen essay writing contest. This years subject was " Why I Appreciate America's Veterans". Of the four winner three representative St. Joseph's School, while the fourth is attending Bogota Jr/Sr. High School. Marjorie Decacada, Aidan Laul, Tomas Mawad from St. Joseph's and Jesus Camilo from Bogota all stepped forward to read parts of their essays, then received their award from Post Commander Alex Hernandez.
  Cmdr Hernandez mentioned the small size of the those attending the ceremonies, adding that the freedom of choice is not to do something as well. He did regret that members of the Borough Government could not attend, but noted that they were busy with the practice of Democracy by being nat the regular Schedule Council Meeting happening at the same time. Cmdr Hernandez then thanked the Families, and Teachers who were able to attend. At the end of the evening the audience was treated to a number of songs played by the Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band.

Post Commander  Alex Hernandez addressing those in attendance.

Marjorie Decacada

Jesus Camilo

Post Commander  Alex Hernandez (L) congratulation Tomas Mawad 

Tomas Laul

Members of the Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band.
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Also that night members of the public had a chance to see the newly renovated  Lower Hall.  Post Commander Alex Hernandez talked about the many volunteers worked to upgrade the Lower Hall, and the VFW has already have a number of event booked in the coming weeks. He says now the VFW can focus on a similar refurbish of the Upper Hall so both venues can financially add to the VFW to help them with their work for the Community & to aid Veterans of the Country's Armed Services. For more information nabout renting one of the halls for a event, or to join Post 5561 please go to their Facebook page at:    

Lower Hall before

Lower Hall after refurbishing 


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