Thursday, May 29, 2014


  A flier is being distributed around Bogota that misquotes an article by Bogota Blog NJ.  In the seventh paragraph is says that the Borough would receive $2.6 million from the developer. This is an inaccurate    statement the full statement from a Blog Post of  4-Nov.-2013 reads as follows: Borough official estimate a total of $3.3 million for the life of the agreement. Under normal property taxes bill the Borough estimated total for the same time frame would about $2.3 million at the current tax rate. During the 30 year agreement the developer could not ask, or sue, for a reassessment. Under the PILOT agreement the Borough would 95% of the funds.  The total taxes  on the Dewey property would have been $7.8 million the Borough would only receive 30% of that number or $2.3 million without the PILOT program.  This Blog has also stated in the past the Board of Education does need to be properly fund. This Blog has also know that many school districts around the country have their PILOT type programs with developers and  questions why the Bogota Board of Education did not look into this.  
  Another point is the use of the vehicle by Mr. Jackson as head of the Bogota OEM. When a different person takes over that position then the vehicle will be for their use. Bogota Blog NJ does support the limitation on the use of that vehicle. 
 Bogota Blog NJ does not endorse any one candidate or party. This blogs tries to present the facts as given to it. In the past this Blog has corrected mistake that it makes, and will continue to try and do the best job it can for the Borough of Bogota and it's residents. 

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