Saturday, May 10, 2014

Up dates

   Some items that have happen over the last several days.
  On Friday, in the late morning, the smell of natural gas cause the evacuation of Steen Elementary School. Crews from both the Bogota & Ridgefield Park Fire Depts. responded to help secure the building. The Students were taken to Olsen Park while Firefighter and other Emergency Service personnel examined the building. Crews from PSE&G were also called in and it was determined that a leak in the School boiler had caused the problem. The boiler was turned off, and the building was ventilated, and the Students were allowed back into the school approximately 12:30p.

 Student returning into Steen School, and thanking some of the Firefighters as they pass.

  Moments later the Bogota volunteer Fire Dept were called to assist in a house fire in Teaneck.  The house appeared to be vacant at the time , no other information was made available at this time.

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 On Saturday the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy began to take applications for Class 04 schedule for this Summer.  The sign-up process was started at 7:00a at the W.Broad St. firehouse. A significant of Students & Parent were in line well before hand. The earliest arrives were Max , a past Cadet of the Academy, and his friend Jake, who is trying to make the Academy for the first time. Both young men showed up at 4:00a in guarantee they would be first in line. Other past Academy Graduates were also in line to try to join the Academy again. Academy Director Sgt Craig Lynch greeted the Students and some of the Parents as they waited their turn to apply. Sgt Lynch joked with some of the Students to find out who had to wake who this early on a rainy Saturday morning. The majority of the answers was that the young Women & Men were the ones trying to get in line as soon as possible  bringing their weary parents with them. In the 2 hours that the process was open the Academy collected 75 applications.  There are only 52-54 openings for Class 04. Applications can still be obtain at the Bogota Police Dept. Headquarters for a limited time. The decision of who will be accepted into the Academy Class 04 will be made the week of  19- May. Program Coordinator Anna Ferris wishes to thank all that turned out and wished all candidates the best with their applications. For more information about the  Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy please visit their website at:

The line waiting to get an application

Max & Jake being the first in line.

Sgt. Craig Lynch greeting Student and their Parents.

  Steen School also held a clothes drive on Saturday as well as continuing their Mothers Day Flower sale.

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