Sunday, April 26, 2015

International Night

     On Friday 24- April Bogota Airlines made their inaugural trip around the world to explore the different cultures that are represented in the Borough of Bogota. The pre fight boarding took place in the High School Gymnasium where passengers could sample a variety of flavors from around the world. There were food items ranging from empanadas & taquito, sushi & potstickers, chicken wings & pull pork. A few activities were also available including Hula-Hooping, and some Korean games of  Jegichagi a game that players pass a wrapped coin to each other using only their feet.  Also Gonggi, which is a game  with players trying score points with small stones being tossed in the air.

   The passengers then proceeded to the Auditorium to  see the types of songs and music that have come to Bogota over the years from different parts of the World. Music from Mexico, Italy, England, & Ireland . Dancing from Colombia, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Greece, Argentina, Turkey, The Polynesian region, Puerto Rico, Korea. Then finally returning home to American Hip Hop and Jazz. Most of the performances were Students from Bogota with ICAL Folkloric Group and the Korean Cultural Group also adding to the evening entertainment.  

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