Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth Day 2015

27- April-2015

   On Saturday 25- April organized  by Bogota Beautiful a large group of Volunteers came to Olsen Park in Bogota to do an  Earth Day cleaning of the park. Local groups including the the Bogota Rescue Squad, A number of Girl Scout Troops, members of Trinity Lutheran Church, some Lady Bucs Volleyball teammates, Student from Rutgers University along with the Mayor and some members of Council,  joined together with  Borough resident to give Olsen Park a spring cleaning. The volunteers spread throughout the park from the Recreation Center to the banks of the Hackensack River to rake leaves, remove fallen branches and  pick-up any trash that was not properly disposed of. A small crew also did a sweep of W.Main St, from Elm to Larch Aves.
   Bogota Beautiful President Amaru Bustamante  welcomed the Volunteer to the event saying that this is not about the group he heads but about keeping  Bogota beautiful.  Councilwoman Daniel Fede, chairperson of the Bogota Green team and  Mayor Chris Keleman also thanked everyone who came out to help. Mayor  Keleman said the this type of community activity is one of the beautiful thing about Bogota.
   The next Bogtoa Beautiful event will be to do a Spring planting of the planters on W. Main St. for information about volunteering , or donating to that project please visit the Bogota Beautiful website at :

Crews cleaning up W. Main St.

Before and after

 Bogota DPW removing the leaves and branches 

  Repainting the crosswalk happening at the same time 

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