Thursday, April 6, 2023

Walk for Water


On Thursday-6-April the Students and Staff of Bogota Middle School took part in a "Walk for Water". This is the first event in their effort to raise $5000 as a school community, so that a well can be dedicated to a South Sudanese village in Bogota Middle School's name. 
  They started at the Middle School at 9:00a with their route taking them by all the other schools in the district.  The convoy was led by a pair of Student carrying the flag of South Sudan.  South Sudan is a small county in East Central Africia. It declared its Independance from the large county of Sudan only in 2011.  
 The first stop on their trip was Bixby School, the Students were encouraged by Principal Mr. Damon Englese, Teachers and grade school Students.  They next traveled to Olsen Park, to rest for a moment. After the break they proceeded up W. Main St passed Steen School and continued to Bogota High School. There they were met by Principal Ms. Kelly Foley Decongelio. Their final voyage led them to Queen Anne Rd and returning to the Middle School along E. Ft. Lee Rd. The total of distance walked was 3.56 miles, in just under 75 minutes. The distance walked is to mimic the average length the Children in South Sudan need to walk on a daily basis to get clean drinking water.  Many times, both to and from the water source. A large number of Student carried a one-gallon bottles of water with them the entire walk. 
   Upon returning to the Middle School Principal Dr. Erick Alfonso took the time to congratulate the Student Body for what they have accomplished. He then explained how the Children in much of the developing counties would have to forgo their education to help with family duties. One of which would be bring clean water back to the home. Which could entail moving 3 or more gallons at a time the over a long distance in hard weather conditions. He added that this chore may only mostly do done by the girls, or younger boys of the household.  This days walk is the first of a number of events to aid the Middle School in reaching their goal of helping one village in South Sudan to have their own reliable source of clean water close by. 
   Before the Student were dismissed to their classrooms Dr. Alfonso had, two classes at a time, offer each other a toast on what they had done together.  They drank from the same water bottles that were carried around Bogota.  A total of 172 Students with 15 Staff members took part. In this one event they raise about 1/4 of the funds to meet their goal. They will continue to raise funds for this project. To help donate to their goal please go to Middle School

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