Thursday, February 1, 2024

Pre-school anniversary


 On Tuesday-30-January the Bogota School District held a fifth anniversary event for its Pre-School program. This took place in the Moore Gym at Lillian M. Steen School. Starting in January of 2019 the Bogota Board of Education made possible an all-day preschool for resident of Bogota. This was with an Educational grant from the State of New Jersey. The School district already had three Special Needs classrooms in the E. Roy Bixby School. The new Pre-School program began with four classrooms in three buildings. These were Steen School, Bogart School, and Trinity School.
  The program has expanded to 12 classes in four building which includes the special needs classrooms in Bixby School.
 This event was open to former and current Students & Families of the Pre-School program. The gym floor had five activity stations. These were for Mathematic Exploration using different shapes for Spatial relations. A puppet stage to help with Social interactions and cooperation. Cognitive Development for a positive approach to learning. Arts to explore dance & movement. And a storybook area for Literacy and Phonological Awareness. These areas allowed for Students, Teachers and Families to play and learn together.
  The attending Students greeted their former Teachers with hugs and told how they are doing in the upper grades. The Teachers welcomed the hugs and talked about how big they have grown. Also, how happy they are for the Students are doing with their next steps in education.
  The Preschool Supervisor, Ms. Kathleen Molina, and her team, Ms. Josephine, Ms. Alexandra, and Ms. Lucy, took a moment to thank everyone for participating in this event. They also said they are pleased to see how the Students are growing, as well as the Pre-school Program itself.
   Registration is now open for the 2024-25 school year. Deadline to register is Friday-8-March. This is open to all Children 3 years of age who were born on, or before Tuesday-1-October 2021. All applicants must be a full-time resident of Bogota with proof of residency. Registration should be done on-line at: For more information, please contact Ms. Bella Almanzer at:

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