Saturday, May 11, 2024

Mayor George Fosdick

Friday-10-May, former Ridgefield Park Mayor Mr. George Fosdick passed away at his home. Mayor Fosdick served 36 years on the Village Board of Commissioners. He was selected as Mayor for 28 years serving the residents of Ridgefield Park. Mayor Fosdick was a life member of the Volunteer Fire Department’s Truck Co.#2 for 58 years. A graduate of Ridgefield Park High School Class of 1959. He and his wife Susan were married in 1968 and have three Children Karen, Sally, and George.
 Mayor Fosdick had become the unofficial Historian of the Village. He has spoken at events such as: Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, September 11th remembrance, and the Flag raising to begin the Fourth of July celebration. He also gave addresses for the Boy Scouts events, and the Elks Club all with the same passion of being proud of the United States and blessed to live in Ridgefield Park.
  Mayor Fosdick will also leave a legacy of improving the Village of Ridgefield Park. From his addressing the Public during the covid pandemic to reassure the residents of the situation will be handled and they are not alone. He will also be remembered for his pressure on State and County officials to treat the Village with the respect it deserves. From the creation of Overpeck Park on land that was given to Bergen County for redevelopment. Mayor Fosdick would then repeatedly remind the County Executive that part of this agreement was a footbridge from Veterans Park to Overpeck Park to let the resident’s easier access to the former land of the Village. While a bridge was never built the County has given Ridgefield Park 20 million dollars for the improvement of Veterans Park.
  Another part of his legacy was the creation of the Ridgefield Park Nature Preserve. With his help and the work of Current Mayor John Anlian and Mr. Stephen Quinn, Bergen County gave the Village a grant to save this natural area of the Village. Mayor and Susan Fosdick also donated part of their land to become part of the preserved now known as Fosdick Forrest.
 In July of 2022, the Citizens of Ridgefield Park gave both George and Susan Fosdick a thank-you gift by naming then the Grand Marshals of the 128th Ridgefield Park Fourth of July Parade.
Visitation will take place from 2:00p-8:0 p. Mon-14-May at Vorhees-Ingwersen Funeral Home, 59 Main St., Ridgefield Park.

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