Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Signing

24- May -2012

 The Bogota Library hosted a book signing by resident Susan Fries, to launch her first publish work " When Pigs Fly". It is a story about a young girl named Nicole whose life ends after a fight against a Brain Tumor. Based  on a real life story of the lost of a friend's daughter at the age of twelve to the same cancer. The book follows Nicole life, and how she deals with the her situation, and the journey she takes to it's end. The struggles of a family dealing with the lost of their daughter, and how the girls spirituality lets her face her future.
    Ms. Fries is a former musician turned writer found the need to write about how her friends family had to face some " insurmountable obstacles" to find out how the human spirit can learn from it's present to move into the future.
  " When Pigs Fly" will be available in the Bogota Library soon. But for more information about Susan Fries, and how to purchase this book please go to

Author Susan Fries talking to the crowd  at the Library.

Ms. Fries (L) talking to Mildred Campbell

 Ms. Fries (L) signing a copy of her book for Jane Menge

Maria Baranello getting a copy of "When Pigs Fly" back from Susan Fries.

Susan Fries

Susan Fries w/ Angelica (L) and friend Mary- Jane

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