Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sustainable Bogota

   The first public meeting of Sustainable Bogota will be held this Thursday 3-May-2012 at 6:30p. It will be held in Borough Hall in the Council Chambers. ( this will take place before the scheduled Council meeting)
   Sustainable Bogota is part of Sustainable New Jersey which is a certification program for the municipalities of New Jersey to start , and maintain a healthier & and more sustainable way of life in their communities. Some of the goals of Sustainable New Jersey is to help communities grow in such a way so that they may become more prosperous while supporting local business, using community resources. Practicing a responsible way to to manage & conserve the environment. Along with embracing & expanding   social equity and fairness.
   For more information about Sustainable New Jersey please go to their web site at: www.sustainablejersey.com

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