Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rescue Demostration

   The Bogota Advisory Committee on Substance Abuse (BACSA) and the Borough of Bogota emergency services held a demonstration today at Feigle Field. It was held for the Junior & Seniors of Bogota High School to show what happens in an automobile accident. The scene was that two cars of students had gotten involved in a serious crash with many injuries and even one fatality.  Bogota Police Chief James Burke described a number of ways an accident like this could occur, but did mention at towards the end of the school year at drivers under the influenced of drugs ,or alcohol becomes more of a problem. It was also mention at neither one of the cars  at the crash could be to blame , but a third party not at the scene may  have been responsible. This is to remind drivers that their attention should be on the road at all times.
  This demonstration also showed how Departments  from other towns will help each other in the advent of an emergency. There were Ambulance crews for Ridgefield Park, and Teaneck, as well as EMS workers from Holy Name Hospital showing what is involved in a rescue situation. Chief explained how, in these situation, it is the Police that respond first. Then the First Aid Squad is called in along with the Fire Dept. to help to the rescue  of any one needing assistance. If it is determined that further personal is needed then the squads from other towns are ask to respond as well.
  The process started with the first Police officers at the scene checking on who is involved and what their condition is. Then the Rescues Squads arrive it works on getting to the most accessible victims as soon as possible.  It needed to make access easier then a number of tool can be used to help free trapped victims. The best know is a hydraulic pry tool also called "the Jaws of Life" but simple wreaking bars and other prying tool will also be used. Once the victim are able to be reach they are fitted , if needed, with neck and back support so that further injuries to not occur.  Then the survivors are taken to the nearest local Hospital, while the Police stay to investigate the cause of the accident. In the case of a fatality the County Coroner is called in to remove the body to the County Morgue to determine the cause of death and alert the next of kin.
   The Students in attendance watched as the scene played out in front of them. Some even took the time to ask questions of Chief Burke , and OEM Supervisor Tito Jackson about parts of the rescue. This is one way that the BACSA, Police, and other Emergency Services use to try and inform students of what can happen if, for any reason, some one is impaired or distracted while in operation of a motor  vehicle.

Police Chief Burke explaining what is going on at the cash scene.

The scene revealed 

OEM Supervisor Tito Jackson studying the scene

Police Officer check on the victims .

Rescue Squad securing the cars to keep them stable.

A "fatality"  

First Aid Squad members moving a victim to the stretcher.

Rescue Squad members prying open the car to get to the victims.

Adding a neck back to prevent further injuries.
Members of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corp assisting the Bogota  rescuers.  

Ridgefield Park Ambulance Corp also assisting  at the scene.

Tito Jackson addressing the students.

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