Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sustainable Bogota

    Sustainable Bogota held it's first meeting last week (3-May). Officially know as the Bogota Green Team Advisory Committee, it will be a panel of public officials, private citizen and business owners of the Borough of Bogota. They will have the mission of advising the local government of how the municipal operations can be improved to add "Green" initiatives when possible. The goal of Sustainable Bogota is not only to help the Borough to function in a more environmentally responsibly way, but to do so to in such a way that will be financial responsible to the tax payers of Bogota. One of the first goals is for the Borough of Bogota to be certified by Sustainable  New Jersey as a Bronze Level member. This will allow the Borough to be able to receive funding to explore, and obtain a number of renewable resources. Some of the obvious items would be finding a way to add solar, or wind power to buildings within Bogota. Other would also be making building and services more energy efficient. There are some ideas that will also enhance the quality of life for the citizens, those would be public gardens so people of all ages can spend times outdoors working together. Another is finding and developing more open spaces to be used as a place to soften the urban landscape of the town.
   Another goal of Sustainable Bogota is also to promote business' in the borough to find a way to lower the cost of doing business. The goal here is to support local business & merchants when possible as well as buying local. Developing "Green" jobs or business is one option to be looked but the goal of overall economic growth in a responsible, and sustainable way no only for the present but for the future is part of the planning that is taking place.
   Sustainable Bogota plans to hold it's meeting the third Thursday of the Month in the Council Chambers. The time will be at 6:30p one hour before the regular Council Meeting.
   Note:  The writer of this blog was asked to join the Green Team, but declined  in order to avoid a conflict of interest. But  Bogota Blog NJ will support the the efforts of  Sustainable Bogota  to help improve the quality of life  in and around the Borough of Bogota in a responsible and sustainable way.
 Daniele Fede  reading the resolution by the Borough Council  creating the Sustainable  Bogota Green Team.

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