Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breast Cancer Awarness

13- Oct- 2012
   During the Bogota Bucs football game today there were some tables set-up behind the East end zone of Feigel Field  These were part of the effort to raise awareness  and money , to help support those who are dealing with breast cancer. This effort was run by Dianne Bal , of Bogota, Ms. Bal is the project coordinator for Avon Breast Health Outreach Program (Avon BHOP) which is raising money to help participate in the Avon Walk  in New York next weekend.  This was the first event of the weekend , with a Lap for Ladies this Sunday in Olsen park starting at 8:00a. Today event, was cosponsored with the Bucs Cheerleaders who supplied bake goods for sale. The cheerleaders also performed with pink pom-poms, as well as wearing pink caps . The Bogota girls were supported by the cheerleaders for visiting Emerson. Both squads posed in front of a banner hung from the score board with Ms. Bal. The players on both team teams showed their support by wearing pink sock by the Cavaliers, and pink shoe laces, and wrist band by some of the Bucs players.
  The  tables were visited by supports of both teams who were generous with their support, and money, buying many of the items available, knowing that the money raised will go to help fight  breast cancer.
   For more information on how to help please go to

Bogota Cheerleaders showing support

Dianne Bal ( far right) with the cheerleaders

 Bogota and Emerson cheerleaders supporting together. 

Reyna Lantigua buying little pom-poms from Diane Bal and Assist Coach Marissa Moore.

Dianne Bal (R) comforting Mary DiPietro  from Emerson who had lost her mother to cancer.

Cheerleader made cupcakes for sale


Both football teams wearing pink for support

Cheerleaders wearing and using pink in support.

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