Monday, October 15, 2012

Laps for Ladies

   On Sunday the first " Laps for Ladies" was held at Olsen Park n Bogota. This is a fund raising event organized by Diane Bal of Bogota. Planned as a yearly event in October, this is a walk to help Ms. Bal team for the Avon walk held in New York. Another part of this event is to include another local group, or charity, to share the cost of fundraising with a team effort. This year co-sponsor is the "Friends of Patty Brickley", which is set up to help Ms. Brickley with her medical cost after being diagnosed Multiple Myeloma.
  Both groups walk their laps together to show support for each other. The money raised will be split between the two groups.
   Diane Bal spoke to the walkers assembled at the Rec Center to thank them for coming out on a grey October morning about her part of the Laps. This is their teams effort to support the Avon Breast Heath Outreach Program ( Avon BHOP)  This helps get medical treatment , and preventive screening for Women, and Men who may not be able to afford it own their own. The Bogota Bucs High School Cheerleader are working with Ms. Bal, and helped with the event, along with the bake sale at the football game on Saturday.
  Gabi Carpenter spoke for the "Friends of Patty Brickley"  and told of the need of financial help the Brickley  family could use to help with the medical cost. Ms. Carpenter told of how "Aunt Patty" can be seen at many High School sports events, and how she  and Gabi have become like a second family to each other. Ms. Carpenter also told the walkers of a Pasta dinner on Sat. 20 -Oct at the High School. The dinner will run from 7:00p to 11:00p. Tickets are $25. At the dinner Diane Bal will present a check to the Brickley family with the amount raised from the "laps for Ladies" event
  For more information about the Avon walk please go to or  contact Diane Bal at 201-450-6255
  For more about " Friend of Patty Brickley" or for tickets to the dinner. please go to or contact Mary-Jane at 201-921-8789

Diane Bal(R) with a sponsor  Five -hour Energy

Diane Bal talking about Avon BHOP

Gabi Carpenter talking for  the " Friends of Brickley'

Diane Bal starting the walkers off.

Allison and her father Mike doing laps together.

Liana Clake (C) with Mom Bianca, and Grandmother Mary-Jane.

Maria Ballester (front) and Maria Perez getting band for their lap count.

Diane Searles (L) and Anglea Searles getting band for their lap count.

Some of the Cheerleaders walking through the park.

Diane Searles and Mary Jane Clarke

Anglela Searles with Connie Carpenter

Andrew running some of his laps

Kathryn Gates - Ferris  and Tamra Browne  walking by a pink ribbon.

Diane Bal thanking a bunch of tried Cheerleaders for their effort.

Bogota Bucs Cheerleaders with Diane Bal

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