Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Events 12-Oct

12-Oct - 2012
  Somethings happen in Bogota over this weekend. The Lady Bucs Volleyball team moved their record to 18- 2 with a win over Park Ridge 2-0 (25-12 : 25- 8) the next play host to Hawthorne Christian at Speary Gym on Tuesday 16- Oct starting at 4:00p
   The Bogota Bucs Football team plays Saturday  at Feigel Field with a 1:00p kick-off. They host the Emerson Cavaliers. Before the game the High School cheerleaders will be sell items help fund a cure for breast cancer in association with the Laps for Ladies walk on Sunday at Olsen Park.
   The Laps for Ladies is happening this Sunday 14- Oct in Olsen Park. This is a fundraiser to support local walkers in the Avon walk in New York next weekend. This is also raising money for the " Friend of Patty Bricky" Foundation to help raise money for her treatment.  For more information about this event please contact Dianne Bal at 201-450-6255.
   Also in Olsen Park later Sunday the GOP candidates for council will hold a meet & greet cook- out in the Picnic Pavilion starting at 2:00p going to 5:00p For information and to buy tickets please contact Anne- Marie Mitchell at  201-220-7753


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