Monday, October 8, 2012

Laps for Ladies

8-Oct. 2012
  This Sunday 14- Oct -2012 there will be a " Lap for Ladies" walk in Olsen Park to help raise money as part of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer that will be going on the weekend of the 20 &21 in New York. One of the main goals for this event is to get as many Bogota clubs and organizations to come together to help each other in a fund raising effort.    .      
    This years event will share  money raised  for two groups. One is the  Avon Breast Heath Outreach Program (Avon BHOP)  which will be participating in the in the Avon walk , and half of the money raised this Sunday will go to "Friends of Patty Bricky"
In future years the idea is have a dual fund raiser for the Avon walk, and a different local group. However of all the teams that participate the one with the highest team total, will keep half of their money for their own group.
  Check -in will be at the Bogota Rec Center starting at 8:00a. the walk starts at 9:00a goes until 11:00a
  For  more information about this event , and Avon BHOP please contact Dianne Bal at 201-450-6255 of the teams website at

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