Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day 2012

5- Nov. 2012
   Tomorrow Tuesday 6- Nov. 2012 is election day in the State of New Jersey , and the United States of America. In Bogota the polls open at 6:00a and are opened until 8:00p. Because of Hurricane Sandy causing a power disruption at the Rec Center voters in District 1 & 6 will have to go to the Kennedy EMS Building located at 69 W.Main St. Bogota NJ.  next to the Post Office. The parking lot behind the Wells- Fargo Bank is being made available for those voters who need it. The other to locations ( Bogota High School, and Bixby school) will remain the same.
  This year vote will be for:
-  President, and Vice President of the United States.
-  Senator to the United States Congress  from the State of New Jersey.
-  House of Representatives to the United States Congress from the Fifth District of the State of New Jersey
   ( Bogota is now in the 5th District after the 2010 Census)
-  Member of the Board of Freeholders for Bergen County
    Two members are to be chosen
-  Member of the Borough Council for the Borough of Bogota
    Two members are to be chosen
-  Member of the Bogota Board of Education
    Three members are to be chosen
     This is the first year that the Board  of Education elections will be held at the time as the General Elections
There are three questions that are to be voted on.
 -  One is to allow the Borough of Bogota a Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) for the volunteer members of the Borough's Fire Dept., Rescue & EMS Squads based n their years of volunteer service to the Borough.
 -  One is for the State of New Jersey to issue Bonds in order to help pay for the upgrade the equipment & facilities of the State Public & Private Colleges & Universities
-  One is to allow the State of New Jersey to amendment the State Constitution so that Judges will contribute to their employees benefits.
   Please go and vote for the persons, and issues you think will be best for the Country , and the Borough of Bogota.

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