Saturday, November 3, 2012

Updates 3-Nov

3-Nov -2012
 Some items, and updates .
 In order to the ease the pressure on motorist trying to buy gasoline the State of New Jersey the following release:

Governor Executive Order #108: Odd / Even Fueling Days. Last digit of license plate Even # fill on Even Days. Odd Number on Odd Days
Begins at NOON on Saturday, 11/3/2012

A license plates that are only letters will be considered an ODD number. To clarify it is the last number on a license plate. Even it is not at the end of the digits Example a plate numbered : I GO 4 NJ it is an even number; & 7 UP is an odd number : as well as a plate with  GO BUCS will also be considered an odd number. 

The Bogota Bucs football game has been rescheduled to Saturday 10- Nov. It will still be at Feigel Field with the kick-off at 1:00p

Sunday 4- Nov will make the end of daylight savings time Clocks need to moved back 1 hour. (Fall Back)

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