Sunday, November 4, 2012

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4- Nov.-2012 
   A letter came into Bogota Blog NJ in response to the Questions  for Candidate posts. The letter was received before Hurricane Sandy affected the area , but the thought behind the letter is still appropriate.
 This is from Dianne Bal a resident of Bogota 

  “I would be interested in which of the candidates running for change in Bogota are willing to actually be a part of the change.  I read an article yesterday in the Bergen Record about the Gardeners on Maple Street.  I was disappointed in how the comments to a great degree revolved around someone following the guidelines of the job they were hired to do, or the ordinances that are in place or that the Borough will prevail in court.  All valid arguments in the context of public safety.  And what struck me most was that this couple, like many, in not only our town but across the country are facing economic hardships as well as serious health issues. How about coming up with a solution instead.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  I believe that we should take a moment and put ourselves in the shoes of a neighbor.   People in our community have supported those that need clothes for their families after their home caught on fire, or walked laps around a track for someone that is paying outrageous doctor bills, or bought a book at a fair for a child that had no money, or even painted classrooms at our elementary school when there wasn’t enough money in the budget.  It brought to mind the way communities used to come together for a "barn raising" because it was a job for many and you neighbor knew you would reciprocate should the need arise.  I say let's all pick up our hedge trimmers and paint brushes and assist one of our own.  How is that for a concrete statement for change in Bogota!!!!”

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