Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections 2012

   Some of the results of the 2012 elections dealing with Bogota.
  Democrats Robert Robbins, and incumbent Councilman Jorge Nunez have won seats on the Bogota Borough  Council. Council Nunez successfully was re-elected to his position on the Council. While Mr. Robbins got a victory in his first time running to replace Council Michael Brophy who to not seek re- election.
  For the  Board of Education Mary Ellen Murphy, John Mitchell, and Michael Connors won.
  The LOSAP question was approved by the voters of Bogota.
  In county elections Tracy Zur, and Steven Tanelli were elected to the Bergen County Board of Freeholders.
  The two State questions on the Ballot were approved by New Jersey voters.
  For the House of Representatives Incumbent Scott Garrett was re-elected to Congress from the new fifth district.
  For the United State Senate  Incumbent Robert Menendez was re elected to the Congress as New Jersey's Junior Senator.
  President Barack Obama has been re-elected to the  office of President of the United States.

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