Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, and after

  Most of the Borough has had it's power restored, however parts of River rd is still without elec. If you know of anyone in the affected areas please check to see if they are in need of assistance.  The VFW hall on West Shore Ave has been opened as of Saturday as a shelter for those who need it.
  Bogota Public Schools will be open Mon. 5-Nov, and Wed. 7- Nov. They will be closed  on Tues. 6-Nov for Election Day. Thurs. & Fri are undecided at this time. St. Joseph's school will be open on Mon. but students are to bring their own lunch until further notice.
  The Rec Center is still without full power so the polling stations for District # 1 & 6 will be at the Kennedy EMS Building on Main St., next to the Post Office. Hours will still be from 6:00a to 8:00p the parking lot behind Wells Fargo Bank is available for anyone who needs to park there while voting.
  The Bogota Public Library will be closed until further notice.
  Bogota Blog NJ, as well as the citizens of the Borough, would like to thank everyone who helped in the clean up effort. This is for all of the Borough's dept. From Fire & Police to EMS and DPW employees, and volunteer's tp came out to help others even before all of the storm conditions had past. Also to everyone who gave their time and effort on the Sat. clean-up of Bogota. And thanks must be given to Tito Jackson and all of the Bogota OEM team for keeping information coming of conditions which were in constance change.

The Hackensack River at Olsen park

W. Ft Lee Rd near Hess tanks

Biking up W.Ft Lee Rd.

Elm Ave @ River Rd NOT flooded out

Downed trees

Bogota DPW workers starting to clean-up Tuesday

Thoughts on the storm


  1. Hi This is the Bogota Public Library and this is to let you know that we are now OPEN for our regular operating hours. You can check out our website: or like us on Facebook!

  2. Nunez wins! Now dont continue to divide this town along racial lines.All are to be respected.


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