Saturday, February 9, 2013

After snow day

   After the largest snow fall of this season, so far, the members of the Bogota DPW once again showed their skills in keeping the Boroughs streets passable after a storm. Working through the night to keep ahead of the falling snow the citizens woke to see the streets in of Bogota in working order. With a bright day then home owners, along with students taking advantage of a chance to earn some extra money, got to the task of shoveling their own sidewalks.
   Many time politicians will praise public workers because it seems like they should. in a small town like Bogota when an elected official talks about the job those workers do there is more truth in what they are saying. Because not only are the Men , and Women of the DPW, and Emergency Services employees, and volunteer, they are neighbors, friend, and even family who help keep the Borough safe and livable. So not only can a small town like Bogota be proud of  their High School sports team, but of all the citizens who live here, and try to do their best to make this little part of New Jersey a good place to live.
 In other snow items the Bogota Police have issued the following alerts.
All Residents: 

-Parking on Borough Roads prohibited until roads properly cleared 

-Overnight Parking Permissions Suspended until further notice. 

-Those vehicles parked in designated areas must be dug out and moved as soon as possible for proper snow removal on road. 

-ALL SIDEWALKS must be cleared within 18 ours as per Borough Ordinance 

 Main st. cleared of snow

 Even side street like Linden Ave are cleared

As well as public sidewalks

A DPW  truck still clearing snow off the streets

Patrik Park

Borough Hall

 Shadows in front of Bogert Church

 Snow on some trees

and on the tracks

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