Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bogota vs Waldwick

   The Bucs lost to Waldwick 44-50 at Speary Gym on Thursday night. Unfortunately the score takes a back seat to other events that occurred during, and worse after the game.  In the first half Bogota's Ruben Acosta was seen  laying on the court in paid after what Bogota's Head Coach Jay Mahoney called a " Punch to the head" As coach Mahoney looked after his player, the Assistant Coaches talked to the Game officials to find out what they saw, since there was no foul called on the play. Mr. Acosta was able to return to play, and could be seen talking to Waldwick's Brain Neische several time during the course of play. Before the first half ended uniform officers of the Bogota Police where on hand to help maintain order. The second half of the game was a series of comeback attempts by the Bucs fall short as Waldwick finished the game with a win.
 The as the two teams met to shake hands after the game Waldwick's Mr. Neische dropped to the floor on pain holding below his belt-line. A number of players, and students, and even parents started pushing each other as emotions began to get out of control. The players from both teams were rushed towards their dressing rooms school staff did their part in clearing the gym of students, and instructing them to leave the building , and go home. Waldwick Coaches and Officials were assured that safe passage to their bus would be maintained, and more police would be on hand to protect their players. Officers from Teaneck  were called in to assist the Bogota Police, and the  bus carrying the Waldwick left the school without further trouble.
   Note: This writer did not see first hand either of the physical encounters only the aftermath.
 In the past  Coach Mahoney displays his passion for his team, and the game without  apologies. He has let his team know in front of their supports that hard clean play is acceptable anything else is not. Sportsmanship  and Gamesmanship are excepted part of all contests. Personal conflicts are not. It is left to all parties involved to discipline themselves to stop any more incidents like this from happening again.
  Note: Regular readers of this blog would normally see photos of game action, those photos are being withheld for now, in order to to maintain the focus on what else happen, and see that it does not occur again.  

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  1. If this is not going to happen again the coach and assistant coach need to be FIRED! And they will. This was all their fault and they should step down and the Bogota BOE need to apoligize to the young man for this. He did nothing to diserve what happened to him. NOTHING!!!


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