Thursday, February 7, 2013

Storm Alert

   The Bogota police, and the Boroughs Office of Emergency Management has issued a winter storm alert. A Blizzard warning will be in effect from 6:00a Friday 8- Feb. to 1:00p Saturday 9- Feb. for the Northern New Jersey area. Forecast  of heavy winds ( 15- 25 mph with gusts over 45 mph) a prediction of  10- 14 inches of snow accumulating in some areas. The strongest conditions are predicted to happen  Friday evening into Saturday morning. There is a threat of dangerous driving situations with whiteout conditions possible.
  The Bogota Police have issued the following advisory on the suspensions of street parking permits for the Borough of Bogota: The granting of permission to park overnight in the Borough of Bogota has been suspended until further notice due to the impending Winter Storm/Blizzard Warning. 

Although parking will be permitted in the already designated areas it is requested that all residents consider removing their vehicles from Borough of Bogota Roadways to facilitate the quick removal of the snow when it has ceased. 

Parking will be permitted as mentioned in the designated areas where it is already permitted an on the WEST SIDE of LARCH AVENUE and the EAST SIDE of PALISADE AVENUE. 

If conditions worsen ALL VEHICLES will be required to be off the road regardless of time of day. 
 For more information and updates please go to the police web site at;

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