Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cabaret Night

2- Feb. 2013
   The Bogota High School Chapter of the International Thespian Society held it's first "Cabaret Night"  on Friday. This was a chance for some members of the Drama Club to show their talents , as well  as skills needed to put on a stage production. Singing  and Dramatic  reading where mixed in with some examples of stage craft from affects makeup, and costume design. 

Master of Ceremonies Martin 

 Watching  James & Omar perform an improv.

Ashley singing

Katie singing 

Emily  performing a dramatic scene.

 Katie (L) and  Melissa  doing a stage fight scene.

Chirwette  doing an aging affect on Melissa.

 Results of the Costumes from a bag challenge   

 Ms. Albirt performing.

 Mrs. Hughes (R) and Caleb performing a duet.

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