Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comedy Night

   On Saturday Day 2- March there will be a Comedy Show at the Knights of Columbus in Teaneck. This is for the Dave Musikant Memorial Fund. The monies raised at this event will go to the purchase of a new scoreboard for the football side of Feigel Field. Another will be to help get some playground equipment for Steen School.
  Dave Musikant was a lifelong resident of Bogota. He was a member of the High School Football, and Wrestling teams. He served as Captain for both sports before graduating from Bogota.  In 1996 Mr. Musikant was diagnosed with a tumor that was located on his optic nerve. The surgery that would remove the tumor would leave him " legally blind".  After this he would start the Dave Musikant Seminars so he could share his story with others,  to show that  changing event can be more than just "Why Me" and to focus on the positive of life.
  He is also known for his run for Mayor of Bogota in 2003. He ran as a third party candidate opposing then Mayor Steve Lonegan, and Democratic candidate Fred Pesce. That election was the story behind the film "Anytown USA"
  Dave Musikant passed away on 13- Sept-2004 in his memory was started the Dave Musikant Positive for  Life Foundation.
 For more information , or tickets please contact Amy Becerra at: . Or to learn more about the  Dave Musikant Positive for  Life Foundation. go to :

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