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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dewey resume


The soil removal at the Dewey School has been allowed to continue starting this week. The residents & business  around the area have been notified by letter that work would continue. The Bogota Police Dept. will monitor both the pedestrian & vehicle traffic  as well as parking condition around the construction site. If the Police feel the need to station an uniform officer at the site, that cost will be paid for by the developer. All current and future phases of construction will be be monitored by the Borough Engineer, the Building Code Official & the Property Maintenance Official.  Each phase of the construction process, when needed, will require additional permits which the developer must have approved of in a timely manor.

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 Excavation at 297 Palisade Ave.  

 A Father & Daughter watching the dig.  

 Bogota Police on hand to keep traffic safe. 

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