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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

School Events


Bixby School will be hosting a Winter Dance for the 5th & 6st Grade Students of Bogota School. This will be held on Friday 24-Jan starting at 7:00p and going to 10:00p It will be in the Bixby  School Gym located at 25 Fischer Ave. Bogota, NJ. The admission cost is $5.00 and the process go to the Bixby Class of 2014. Students from Bixby, Steen, and St.Joesph's are welcome to attend. Students must bring a signed copy of the permission slip to the dance. All Students must be signed in & out by an Adult, or sibling 18 years or older. There will be music for dancing along with snacks & drinks available. For more information please contact Doreen Lechuga at doreen.lechuga@gmail.com

The Steen School will hold their International Night on Thursday 27- Feb.-2014 This year they will be looking for Students to display their Heritage in different ways. Along with food from various countries they will display other aspects from around the World.  Some ways Students can show information about their country include posters about the History & Culture,  ethnic costumes,  flags, & other artifact. Counties may be from the Students background, or a country that the Student is interested in.  Students will  also  be allowed to give a performance from the country they choose. All displays, and performance can included other Family members.
  For every who wants to participate it is asked to please fill out the form below, and submit it before Friday 31- Jan. They may be emailed to Kristin Meberg at kmeberg311@gmail.com 

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