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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Board of Education

29- Jan-2014
  On Tuesday 28- Jan the Bogota Board of Education held their meeting that was postponed from 21-Jan. The Board first heard about their report on finances for the fiscal year that ended on 30- June-2013. It confirmed that the Board of Education had a surplus in it's budget and it was able to move forward on the replacement of the Board of Education Offices along with the field house at Feigel Field.
  Another major resolution that passed was that Board will meet once a month for the remainder of the current school year. This was passed by a 4-3 vote. Some of the objections to once a month meeting is the added burden of overseeing two major construction projects during that time period. A feeling that with only one meeting a month the meeting will become longer. It was also felt that the process of added a meeting when needed is longer than canceling that is not needed. Those who voted in favor of the new format feel that with only one meeting a month it will be easier to attract more parents to attend the meetings. In approving the new format the Board Members asked that all agenda items be given to the Board Members a full week in advance of the meeting.
  The next board meeting will be Tuesday 25- February starting at 7:30p  in the High School Cafeteria
At this next meeting the Board will vote on a replacement to fill the Seat that has been vacant because of the election of John Mitchell to Borough Council. Any one interested in applying for the open seat must  be over 18 years of age, be a current resident of Bogota for at least on year, and be able to pass a background check. There will be special  meeting on Tuesday 25- February at 6:30p before the regular Board Meeting to be interviewed by the Board Members.
For more information about this please contact the Bogota Board of Education  Secretary Norma Tursi  at : NTursi@BogotaBOE.com
  In some public comments one parent ask if their is a plan to add security cameras to both Elementary Schools. She was told by Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano that those schools are inline to have cameras install. Other parent question the quality of some of the classes in the High School, they made it known that the Teachers are doing a good job, it is the lack of equipment that is a concern to the Parents. Dr. Pantoliano said she would look into the situation and confer with the Department heads to see that the proper equipment is obtained.

 Accountant Mr. Vinci reporting to the  Board.

Head of the Teacher's Association  Vicky Sheppard
asking for clarification on certain points.  

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