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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bogota Chamber of Commerce

The Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce is hosting an introductory meeting to the business in Bogota to learn more about them. This will be a meet & greet at the Valley National Bank located at 325 Palisade Ave., Bogota, NJ. This will take place on Thursday 23-Jan. starting at 6:00p. Space will be limited to 50 attendees. Please contact  Darlene Damstrom at 201-489-3700  or at chamberhacknj@aol.com.
 Part of the program will be learn about how the Hackensack Regional Chamber of Commerce can aid business in Bogtoa to grow through networking events, open houses, and to connect with other local Chamber. This event is only for business in Bogota, it is recommended that an appropriate amount of business card or other contact material be brought.

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