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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Steen Science

On Thursday 23- Jan. the Steen School held a Science program in their gym. There were a number of stations that the Students could get a quick lesson in some scientific principals. One station demonstrated how sound travels in waves, and how they travel can affect what is heard. Another was to show what surface tension is, and how it can be controlled.Students also saw how to push a stick through a balloon, along with the power of a magnet to move an object without touching it. The Students also had a chance to be creative in using marshmallows and pasta to make Architectural elements that are used in buildings.

5th grader Malachi listening to sound waves.

Students watching how speed affects what waves look like.

3rd Grader Vanessa spinning a tube to make sound.

Tony Hardwick showing Ammar how
 to push a stick through a balloon.

High School Seniors(L) helping the
 younger students with their experiments.

3rd Grader Eric (L) & younger brother Ryan
 building with marshmallows & pasta 

2nd Grader Makayla & her Father
 building with marshmallows & pasta 

 Students building with marshmallows & pasta 

 Some of the finished structures.

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