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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Construction Delay


The work at 297 Palisades Ave. was order to come to halt on Monday when it was discovered that not all the proper permits may not have been obtained.  Borough Administrator  August Greiner has stated that the proper soil removal permits have been obtained form the Bergen County Soil Conservation District. What has caused the stoppage was the fact that letter stating that the developer had the permits to start digging had not been shared with Borough Zoning Official Dan Howell. Mr. Greiner called Mr. Howell's stop work order the proper thing to do. A meeting is scheduled for Friday with the  Borough Administrator, Borough Engineer Harry Tuvel the Borough Construction Managers, and members from the development company  to go over arrangements in order to meet construction codes as well as  safety provisions for the street traffic , and students how attend St. Joseph's School across the street from the site along with those who need to travel along palisade Ave to get to Bogota High School.
  Councilman Jorge Nunez is concerned that a pre-construction meeting had not taken place before work began and wants to make sure that no one is cutting corners on the project.  He also wants all proper oversight measures are in place before any more work is done.

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