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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow removal


   With a pause in snow falls the crews of the Bogota Dept. of Public Works have started to have a chance to clear some of the main roads in the Borough. Beginning on Tuesday at the Southern end of town they hauled away the build up of snow from the last several weeks, off the Borough streets. On Weds. they move to parts of Queen Anne Rd. in the Morning, and at night took on Palisade Ave. from Ft. Lee Rd going North. By the end of the evening a part of Larch was clear in front of Borough Hall & the Library for better access to those building along with the Senior Center.  The Borough has rented a 40 yd Dumpster in help with removal. Mayor Tito Jackson explained that the DPW dump truck has a limited capacity, and cause a delay in turnaround time. The Dumpster has four times the capacity as the dump truck allowing for the remove to move at a quicker pace.  Mayor Jackson also mention that the snow is being haul to the parking lot of the Bogota Swim Club, but not directly along the banks of the Hackensack River. The location of the removed snow  is so it will not melt straight into the river because of the chemical in the salt , as well as any oil, or dirt from being on the street that accumulates over time.
     Tonight Thursday 20 -Feb. the DPW is targeting the Business section of Main St., they plan to start at about 10:00p so they have a small amount of Traffic to deal with. The section of any street  the DPW is working on will be subject to a detour, so please plan ahead.   That is one reason one of the workers gave as a reason  for the late night start. It also allows a quick turnaround  to deposit  snow after filling the Dumpster with snow.  On Friday will hope to move on to the streets around Bixby school in order to make space for the Teachers to park next week.  They want to clear as many streets as possible, and ask the public be patient as they work to help ease the traffic burden in the Borough.

 Snow pile near St. Joseph's Church

 Part of Palisade Ave being rediscovered.

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