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Friday, February 21, 2014

Bogota Beautiful

21- Feb.-2014

   On Wednesday  19- Feb there was a board meeting for Bogota Beautiful held in the Borough Council Chambers. Bogota Beautiful is a newer Community based group founded last year which is looking to upgrade and improve the look of the main streets in Bogota. They also want to educated and assist the citizens of the Borough to help maintain it's small town charm. At this meeting the talk was mainly about how to encourage more resident learn about Bogota Beautiful, and to raise fund for their projects. One of their top project is part of the Bloomin Bogota fund which is looking to install planters along the Main St  Business District.  I was announced at this meeting that enough money has been raised for two such planters. At this time it was not decided where these should be placed. Councilman Rob Robbins mentioned that they need to bring their locations to a Council meeting in order to get approval, and advice from the DPW  for the best and safest way to install these planters.
  As for fundraising  Vice President Isabel Rodriguez informed  those present that Bogota Beautiful will partner with the Steen PTO on their Casino Night in April. Ms. Rodriguez will hold a Salsa Dance lesson at that event.  It was also announced that Bogota Beautiful will be looking in to having a table at the next Bogota Day in June.
  One strong point of this meeting is to try to find a way to get interest in the idea behind Bogota Beautiful and to join in it to help form Bogota into a stronger community for all it's residents. They want to work other groups like the Bogota Community Alliance,  the Bogota Green team, and any School, or church groups that share their vision of what living in Bogtoa can be like.
  Their meeting will be Wednesday 19- March at 7:30p this will take place in the Borough Hall Council Chamber located at 373 Larch Ave. in Bogota, NJ For more information on how to contribute, or join Bogota Beautiful please go to their website at http://www.bogotabeautiful.com/

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Bogota Beautiful President Armau Bustamante (C)
 talking about the agenda for the meeting. 

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