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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bixby Science Fair

9- Feb.-2014

   On Thursday 6- Feb. the Bixby School in Bogota, NJ held their annual Science Fair. Students from the 4th, 5th , & 6st grade displayed their projects in the School's Gym. This allowed Parents, Teachers, & fellow Student to to observe the Scientific Principles being studied , and their experiments.
  Some projects thought to explain why things happen, like how a rainbow is created by Sunlight, and water vapor. Another was on how Stalagmites are formed in caves, and how they are different from Stalactites. There was another groups of experiments that showed how something can be be done, which helps explained how similar process took place. Like making a Plaster cast of a foot print can show how fossils are formed. Or that filling a balloon with a something other than air, can help make a solid rocket booster. A third group the Students showed  what can happen in the future. Those were a Solar powered oven, a Robots that can follow a track without any external controls.
  While many would seem to be basic experiments the Fair shows off the skill and work of the Students.
 Joseph explains the software to make his Robot move by it'self. 

Anneliese talks about Stalagmites 

Mira shows off her project to Classmates

Raiza demostration who colours look in different mediums.

 Olivia using a Solar Powered Oven

Carly telling Principal Watts about her project.


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